SoCal Arts 4 Autism, a Fractured Atlas Program

Empowering Autistic Children Through The Healing Power Of Music & The Arts.

Executive Summary

SoCal Arts 4 Autism is proud to be a part of Southern California. From our inception in  2012, it has been our #1 priority to stand tall at the forefront of the battle to remove barriers and increase high-quality and equal access to music & arts education for children on the autism spectrum.  

We believe that autistic children regardless of ability, social, or economic status deserve the opportunity to experience the magic of music & the arts.  
We envision performing arts programs that would become a center-point not only for autistic children but for our community at large.  We have also considered the fact that as we grow we will attract families from all over.

We will bring business to many cities in Southern California with our increased base, their families, performing artists and their concert attendees as well as community-wide multi-cultural events.

While providing awareness to music and performing arts interaction programs for autistic children we will also enhance the community by spotlighting  performers with different performance backgrounds and by providing a concert and performance venue for many local musically based organizations.  We will continue to create new opportunities not only for autistic children but also for the benefit of the community.

We have a solid staff of volunteers for everything from everyday operations to special events. We also have very strong supporters who believe in our mission and goals for not only for the children but for the community.
We will provide the cultural and business community with increased awareness and opportunity for additional revenue but foremostly,  we will empower autistic children through music & the arts  and we will give them their voice.  These children are our heroes and we learn from them every day.

We look forward to you joining us in our quest to provide EQUAL ACCESS TO MUSIC & THE ARTS to autistic children and their families in an accommodating atmosphere.