SoCal Arts 4 Autism, a Fractured Atlas Program

Empowering Autistic Children Through The Healing Power Of Music & The Arts.

SoCal Arts 4 Autism was created with the purpose of empowering autistic children through the healing power of music & the arts. We believe that autistic children, regardless of ability, social or economic status, deserve the opportunity to experience the magic of music & the arts.  By promoting and advocating for Sensory-Friendly Performances, musical & artistic interaction programs, and the education  of the correlation between autism and music & the arts, we are setting the stage for acceptance, understanding, and friendship.

The arts enable children to express themselves through music and the arts.  Through the arts we will offer a unique opportunity to integrate essential everyday skills like language development, movement, and communication.

Our goal is to foster creative exploration, self-expression, perception development, social engagement, and confidence in each child.  

BY  providing  a safe, comfortable, and accommodating atmosphere autistic children can flourish, thrive and continue to push the boundaries of their potential.

For more information, to request an arts program for your child, or to volunteer please call 866-662-5547.

Please join us in our quest to provide autistic children with equal access to music & the arts.